Shai Masot

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Shai Masot nemesis


Shai Masot is a former Israeli Foreign Ministry officer who operated at the Israeli mission in London as a liaison, coordinating Israeli lobbies in the UK. He was specifically tasked with dismantling pro-Palestine sentiment within the Labour Party.1

Masot claims that Niccolo Machiavelli is his “God” in politics. Machiavelli was one of the foremost defenders of the phrase “the end justifies the means”. 2

Shai Masot wearing Israeli navy uniform in occupied Palestine in 2013. Masot formerly served in the Israeli navy for eight years.

Zionist Smear Campaign Coordinator

Masot sought to coordinate Israeli lobbies influential within the British left and specifically the Labour Party to take down Allan Duncan, a British MP and Conservative Party member who criticized Israeli illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine. Masot also coordinated attacks against former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, prominent Jewish Labour member Jackie Walker and the The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in the UK.3

Shai Masot acted as a liaison to Israeli lobbies in the UK, according to AlJazeera investigations4

Disgraced Operative

After being revealed as an Israeli agent plotting against British MPs and prompting media attention on the matter, Masot was forced to abandon his role in the Israeli mission in London in 2017.5

Shai Masot (2nd left) with former Israeli ambassador to the UK Mark Regev (2nd right) and chairman of the UK’s Jewish Labour Movement Jeremy Newmark (1st right) during a Labour Party meeting in 2016






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