Shawn Evenhaim

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Shawn Evenhaim is an American-Israeli Zionist agitator. Evenhaim was born in Israel and after serving five years in IDF moved to the US. His first name was Sharon but changed it to Shawn after in order to appear more American. In 1991, he founded the Los Angeles-based “California Home Builders”. California Home Builders, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business specializing in building custom homes in the coastal communities of San Diego, California. In 2014, The Forward magazine included him in the list of top 50 Jewish-Americans who made “a significant impact on the history of Jews”.

Zionist Advocacy

Shawn Evenhaim is National Board & Regional Council Member of Israeli American Council (IAC). He was formerly the Chairman of the IAC. The IAC is an American pro-Israel lobby group founded by Adam Milstein and funded by Zionist tycoons such as Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban. The IAC’s stated aim is to bolster Jewish supremacist groups and promote Israeli interests in the US.1
Evenhaim has also donated to other Zionist organizations such as the Birthright Israel Foundation. The group assists Jews around the world to settle in occupied Palestinian territories.2

Evenhaim alongside Sheldon Adelson (left) and Haim Saban (right) in a IAC event.

Behind IHRA Legislation

Evenhaim has lobbied heavily for US states to adopt the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition of antisemitism, mostly through the IAC. The move will make it legally binding to criticize Israel, deeming such activity “anti-Semitic”, as Evenhaim blatantly believes. “In the US you can attack Israel and not be called an anti-Semite, which we know is not the case,” Evenhaim has said. The IHRA definition of antisemitism has already been adopted by half of the US states.3 “We are focusing [promoting legislation of IHRA] in seven states, and are already working in four of them,” Evenhaim has said.




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