Smadar Elani

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Smadar Elani


Smadar Elani is an Israeli propaganda activist of Iraqi origin. She was was born in 1979 in Israel’s Ramat Gan region. She studied political science and Arabic in Israel’s Bar Illan university.

Spreading Israeli propaganda in Iraq

Elani is one of the few but influential Israeli propaganda activists in Iraq, with a special focus on promoting and legitimizing the Zionist regime in the eyes of the Iraqi public. She dedicates much time into networking with other Arab pro-Israeli propagandists and lobbyists.

Elani has connections with influential Israeli and Arab newspapers and media outlets, such as the Seth Klarman-funded Times of Israel newspaper.1

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Smadar Elani Nemesis
Elani meeting with, Majid Al-Sarrah (left) and Amjad Taha (right), respectively Emirati and British-Bahraini normalization influencers, in Israel

Elani posing alongside Sapir Levi and Linda Menuhin, two Israeli normalization influencers

Elani meeting pro-Israel Jews of Iraqi origin in London

Elani taking part in an interview with Stand With Us Arabic, a pro-Israel advocacy organization focusing on Israel/Arab normalization


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