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Baron Stanley Fink is a British hedge fund manager and politician. He was the former CEO and deputy chairman of the Man Group. He has been described as the “godfather” of the UK hedge fund industry. He is currently a member of the Conservative Party and the House of Lords.
Stanley Fink is Jewish and has on numerous occasions used his wealth to advance Israeli interests in British politics.

Top Donor to the Conservative Party

Fink is among the top 20 donors of the Conservative Party. He has been donating to the party since 2003. In 2009, he donated a notable £1.65million to the party. Fink’s donations are given to British pro-Israel conservatives. For instance, Fink once provided a $4,500 cash donation to Bob Blackman after he gave a speech supporting Israel to the House of Commons.1 In 2009, Fink was also appointed co-treasurer of the party.2 It is interesting to note that most of the recent party treasurers are Zionist Jews such as Ehud Sheleg and Michael Davis.

Jewish Leadership Council

Despite being a major donor to the UK’s Conservative Party, Fink also enjoys a bipartisan standing in the Jewish Leadership Council. The Jewish Leadership Council is the main Zionist lobby group in the UK that acts as an umbrella group directing and leading other minor Zionist lobby groups in the UK. Most prominent Jewish tycoons in the UK are members of the JLC.

Fundraising Zionist Propaganda

Fink has a notable role funding and supporting various Zionist initiatives in the UK. Below are a number of his most noticeable activities:
• Just Journalism
Fink was a donor to Just Journalism, a pro-Israel media group linked to the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society which halted operating in 2011. Just Journalism was a pro-Israel media group claiming to “promote accurate and responsible reporting about Israel in the British media.” Just Journalism was infamous for its witch-hunt policy against journalists who were critical of Israeli policies. The project was halted due to a reported lack of funding.
• “Culture of Coexistence”, an Anti-BDS Campaign
Fink was among “150 people of arts and politics” who signed a letter in the Guardian under the label of the “Culture for Coexistence” campaign. This organization was designed to oppose the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) in the UK.
• Britain-Israel Research & Academic Exchange (BIRAX)
Fink has donated £100,000 to BIRAX (the Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership). BIRAX is effectively the Israel office of the British Council (BC). The BC is associated with the UK foreign office, acting as a British public diplomacy and soft power tool. BIRAX’s main funder is the Pears Foundation, headed by UK-based Zionist Jewish businessman Trevor Pears.3 According to the Electronic Intifada, the British Council and BIRAX are funded by South African Jewish magnate Nathan Kirsh. Kirsh is known to profit directly from the construction of Israeli separation barriers in occupied Palestine.4 BIRAX is also associated with the British embassy in Israel.
Enjoying UK government support, BIRAX is focused on provoking anti-BDS campaigns and thwarting any boycott of Israel. It is worth noting that this anti-BDS attitude is supported by the British Council. The British Council has on numerous occasions actively opposed pro-BDS statements.





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