Steinreich communications

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Steinreich communications company produces media content on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., and is known to be active in the field of media influence operations and setting communication strategy. The company has been involved in the development of the Abraham Accords and the normalization of Israeli-Arab relations through content production and media influencing.

The Steinreich Family

The companies’ head is Stan Steinreich, a Zionist Jewish financier and communications manager for Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company and some other major multinational corporations.
Steinreich’s regional office is located in Tel Aviv and is run by Ariella Steinreich, who is also one of the founders of the UAE-Israel Business Council (UIBC).

Ariella Steinreich

It is worth noting that the UIBC is the central and largest economic organization formed in the field of UAE/Israel economic relations. The council began operations immediately after the “Abraham Accords”. The Steinreich family-led company is consequently part of the Israeli regime’s push to counter its growing international isolation by normalizing relations with despotic Arab regimes.

Social Media

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