Stephen Bronfman

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Stephen Bronfman is a Jewish Canadian businessman and a member of the prominent Bronfman family in Quebec. He is the son of Charles Bronfman, a Canadian billionaire.

He is the head of the private equity firm Claridge which invests on the music industry and art. He also owns the Claridge Food Group which focuses on the organic food and beverages. He was also a former director of Bronfman’s whisky empire called Seagram.

Notable Israel Investment

Bronfman’s Claridge investment company has an Israeli branch which invests in the Israeli technology sector.1 Except for a nearly decade-long pause from 2006 until 2015, the investment company has been cooperating with the Israeli regime since the 1980s.

Canada’s Zionist Bloodline

Stephen Bronfman is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s close friend and chief fundraiser.2 Other members of the powerful Bronfman family are also heavily associated with Israel, a note which merits much attention given that the Bronfman family is the main funder of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Stephen’s father, Charles Bronfman, is a prominent Canadian billionaire supporting Zionist race-centric initiatives such as Birthright Israel, encouraging Jews around the world to settle occupied Palestinian land solely due to racial heritage.3

Stephen’s cousin, Matthew Bronfman, enjoys several ventures in Israel, including a stake in the food retailer Supersol and the Israeli franchise of the Swedish furniture chain, Ikea.4

In short, the Bronfman family – despite largely avoiding overtly political Zionist themes – clearly plays a pivotal role in creating the economic and political ties needed to cement Zionist lobbies and interests in Ottawa.


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