Stephen Wynn

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Stephen Wynn (born Weinberg) is a Zionist Jewish American real estate magnate. He owns casinos and hotels in the US through his Wynn Resorts.

Fall-out with The Democratic Party

Wynn was originally a donor to the Democratic party1 and supported then-US President Barak Obama during his first presidential campaign2. Similar to Charles Kushner and certain other Zionist mega donors, Wynn gradually shifted his resources to fund the Republican Party, deeming Obama’s support for Israel to be insufficient and lacking.

Wynn is currently a major donor to the Republican party. He was the finance chair of the Republican National Committee from 2017 to 2018. He is considered to be a friend of former US President Donald Trump.3

Funding Israeli Politicians

Wynn has also been interested in Israeli politics. Broad’s name is listed in Netanyahu’s leaked 2007 potential campaign funders list, dubbed Netanyahu’s “list of millionaires”. His name is written next to some 70 other Jewish Zionist millionaires, most of which reside outside Israel as part of Israel’s international web of lobbyists and power brokers.4




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