Steve Ballmer

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Steve Ballmer is a Jewish American billionaire who served as the CEO of Microsoft from 2000 to 2014. He is still a shareholder in the Redmond, Washington-based company, which makes the Windows operating system, the Xbox game console and Surface tablet computers. He owns NBA team Los Angeles Clippers. He is considered to be 10th richest person in the world and his personal wealth is estimated at $97 billion.1

Jewish National Fund Sponsor

Ballmer serves on the World Chairman’s Council of the Jewish National Fund and he donated US$1 million to JNF. JNF is an old Zionist organization dedicated to expanding illegal Jewish settlements in Palestine. It has historically played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Zionist occupation.

The Man Who Turned Microsoft into an “Israeli Company”

During his managerial career in Microsoft, Ballmer paid very special attention to Israel. He expanded Microsoft projects in the occupied territory and hired significant Israeli staff in the company. During his 2008 visit to Israel he said “If you do the math, Microsoft is almost as much an Israeli company as it is an American company.”2 Ballmer claimed that Microsoft employs more workers per capita in Israel than anywhere else on earth. He added Microsoft looks to Israel for ideas, innovation and even leadership.3 He inaugurated a new Microsoft R&D center in Israel in 2008.4 He believed that Microsoft should use Israel’s big data industry.5

In total, Ballmer traveled four times to Israel during his managerial role in Microsoft, something which is quite indicative of significant Zionist influence in the company. During these visits, Ballmer enjoyed access to various Israeli political and economic leaders. In 2012, he claimed that Microsoft continues to be committed to its Israel investments.6

Steve Ballmer with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


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