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Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI) is a pro-Israel lobby based in Brighton, UK, promoting Zionist ideals among the British people, specifically the Sussex county. It is founded by Zionist advocate Simon Cobbs.1 This group has a specific focus on countering critique of Zionism in the British Labor Party and contributed much to the removal of Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership of the Labor Party.

Its past lobbying and campaigning objectives include:

• Pressuring the UN not to criticize Israel
Removal of books belonging to Holocaust revisionists in the UK
• Forcing UK political parties to commit to a strict policy of not criticizing Israel2

This group is considered closely related to the Israeli embassy in the UK and Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs.3

Cracking down on humanitarian activism

In 2015, Sussex Friends of Israel received $35000 from the Israel Solidarity Campaign, a British pro-Israel lobby, to fight against the BDS movement.4 Its members have sent death threats to BDS activists.5

In 2016, the SFI contributed to a pro-Israel march in London attended by Jewish extremists of the Jewish Defense League. The rally was named Stop the Hate: Stand with Israel.6 The group also works with the English Defense League, an anti-Muslim extremist and racist group which fully supports Israel.7

In 2019, the group accused the authors of “Bad News for Labor” – a book rejecting anti-Semitism allegations against the Labor party – of being guilty of anti-Semitism. The group managed to cancel the book’s introduction event with the cooperation of the other Israeli lobbies in UK.8

SFI has also voiced its resentment when Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol, Britain, toppled down the statue of Edward Colston, a notorious 17th century slave trader, in 2020.9

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