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Thani Al Shirawi is the Vice-Chairman and Deputy Managing Director at Al Shirawi Group of Companies in the United Arab Emirates. The Shirawi Group consists of more than 30 companies that are listed as the Top 100 Influential Companies in the Arab World by Forbes. Al Shirawi is involved in oil, gas, engineering, and logistics industries.

Logo of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies

Abraham Accords Investor

Two months after the August 2020 “Abraham Accords” agreement between Israel and the Emirates, a delegation of 100 businessmen and senior Israeli economic figures met in the UAE with the goal of expanding Israeli influence in the country.
Thani Al Shirawi was one of the attendees who met with the Israeli delegation. Consequently, al-Shirawi’s company is one of the first Emirati companies to collaborate with Israeli associations in a bid to “normalize” Arab relation with the Zionist regime.

Investment in Israel

Shirawi currently has a focus on investing in Israeli’s water treatment industry, signing a contract with Israeli wastewater management company Fluence.

Thani al-Shirawi has described his dealings with Fluence as “a match made in heaven”. Al-Shirawi continued, “We had the same aspiration and we both wanted to grow. Israel had the technology – they are a few laps ahead when it comes to the water industry.” 1

It is worth noting that Fluence is situated in Caesarea, an originally Palestinian town which had its Arab population expelled following several attacks by Zionist Stern Gang and Haganah forces.

Thani al-Shirawi and Yaron Bar-Tal shake hands on one of the first memorandums of understandings after the “Abraham Accords”

Al-Shirawi’s embracement of commercial trade with Israeli water companies comes as Palestinians under Israeli occupation report numerous Israeli violations limiting the quantity and quality of potable water available.

Sharaka Institute

Al-Shirawi is also among the board of directors of the Sharaka Institute, a shadowy organization set up with the goal of normalizing relations between the Israeli occupation and certain Arab regimes.

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