The Arab Connection


Israel has been growing isolated more than ever in the international arena. The international Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement has caused such fear in the Israeli establishment that in 2006, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs was created by the Tel Aviv government to specifically find ways to counter the BDS movement. Zionist lobbies have also mobilized their resources across the world to counter the boycott movement. These attempts have, however, failed. Israel’s ratings in world opinion are falling by the year.

The Zionist regime has in response sought to counter its growing international isolation by embracing ties with despotic, dictatorial Arab regimes. This approach is labeled as the “outside-in approach” by certain Zionist strategists, seeking to neutralize the Palestinian nation by cutting it off from its immediate regional support networks in the Middle East.

Project Nemesis is, therefore, also interested in identifying Zionist networks operating in the Arab world. We will seek to identify individuals actively engaged in such attempts to stifle solidarity with the Palestinian cause and pave the path for Zionist supremacist occupation.

This is not merely support for the Arab Palestinian cause, but a cause against the same Zionist networks that have also subverted the West and its institutions.