The Jewish Labor Movement (JLM)

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The Jewish Labor Movement (JLM) is a socialist pro-Israel lobby group tracing its origins to Poale Zion, a socialist Zionist group founded in 1903. The Jewish Labour Movement was however established in 2004.

Zionist Oversight of Labour

JLM operates within the Labour Party as yet another Zionist lobby within Labour, such as the Labour Friends of Israel. JLM is also a sub-group of the World Zionist Organization.

It focuses on promoting socialist Zionism in the UK. It is specifically considered as one of the main lobbies controlling anti-Israel sentiment within the Labour party1.

The Jewish Labour movement was actually a dormant pro-Israel lobby group until 2005 when anti-Israeli feelings grew in the UK, specifically in the Labour Party, following the mass spread of media reports exposing Israeli war crimes. JLM was revived in order to neutralize these anti-Israeli sentiments within British Leftist political establishments.2

JLM former Chair Jeremy Newmark has said that JLM fights against “anti-Semitism” in the party and that Jews should remain in the party to “win the battle”.3The JLM also had an notable anti-Corbyn policy, spreading anti-Semitism allegations against pro-Palestine members in Labour.

Israel Influence Campaign

According to Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby, JLM is a prominent front for the Israeli embassy in London. 4





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