The Jewish Leadership Council(JLC)

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The Jewish Leadership Council (formerly Jewish Community Leadership Council) is a pro-Israeli lobby founded in the UK in 2013. It was founded by Henry Grunwald, then-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (another pro-Israeli lobby in UK).

Zion’s Organizational Hub in the UK

The JLC acts as an umbrella group for many pro-Israeli lobbies in the UK such as BICOM, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Community Security Trust and many others.1

JLC’s chairman is Jonathan Goldstein, which can be regarded as Zionist tycoon Gerald Ronson’s lackey.

The JLC’s main funders are British Zionist magnates like Gerald Ronson, Trevor Chinn, Mick Davis, Poju Zabludowicz and Leo Noe.2

Many prominent British lords such as Stanely Fink, Ronald Cohen, Michael Abraham Levy and Janner of Braunstone are members of this organization and contribute to it.

Former JLC chair Jeremy Newmark was successful in raising the JLC’s spending from £191,646 in 2007 to £2,782,220 by the end of 2013.3

Examples of Influence Operations

  • In 2006, the JLC founded another pro-Israeli organization called Fair Play Campaign Group to target groups who advocate for the boycott of Israel, such as BDS.4
  • In 2009, the JLC published a statement from Lord Pannick in which he called for the prevention of legal warrants being issued against Israeli leaders in the UK.5
  • Adrian Cohen, a JLC member, now works at Labour’s new advisory board.6
  • In 2020, the JLC accused Labour’s pro-Corbyn shadow Education Minister Rebecca long-Bailey of “anti-Semitism”, pushing Labour Leader Keir Starmer to purge her.7








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