Labour Friends of Israel

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The Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) is a Zionist lobby group in the UK Parliament founded in 1957 which seeks to deepen Israeli influence in the UK by influencing Labour party members. At least one fourth of Labour parliamentary members and one third of Shadow Cabinet members are directly affiliated with the LFI.1 Most LFI staff are British politicians or party activists who fanatically defend Israel’s interests in the UK.

Activities & Highlights

  • The LFI has sponsored many trips to Israel for British MPs.2
  • According to the Al Jazeera documentary titled “Lobby”, the LFI is supported and guided by a number of Israeli agents who try to remove British pro-Palestine Labour members from influential positions. For instance, Shai Masot, an Israeli individual affiliated with the Israeli embassy in the UK cooperated with the LFI in putting pressure on British Labour members who criticized Israeli crimes.3
  • Like other Israeli lobby groups in the UK, the LFI has been very critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s support for Palestinian rights.




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