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Sir Trevor Chinn is a British Jewish businessman and political activist. He is a senior adviser to CVC Capital Partners (private equity and investment advisory firm), chairman of the ITIS traffic information company, tescocars, the leading online used car retailer and previously chaired the Mayor’s Fund for London charity organization.

Influence over the Labour Party

Chin is a zealous pro-Israel lobbyist and funder, largely implicated in the political coup d’etat orchestrated against the UK’s former Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn.

He is one of the Zionist lobbyists who influence the Labor Party. In 2020, he donated £50,000 to Keir Starmer’s campaign winning the leadership of Labour Party. The huge donation caused controversy among Labour Party members. Labour member Darius Cooper has said that “Our leader, shadow foreign sec and shadow home secretary all in the pocket of Israel.” 1

Chin is also a donor to the “Labor Friends of Israel” and donated to Joan Ryan the former president of Labor Friends of Israel who was very critical of Corbyn.2 He also funded Ruth Smeeth a former Jewish member of Labor who was one of the main propagators of anti-Semitism accusations against critiques of Israel in the party.3

According to the Independent, Chin was one of the main lobbyists who kept warmonger prime minister Tony Blair of the Labour Party in office.4

Zionist kingpin in the UK

Alongside exerting deep control over Labour, Chin also leads or is a part of various other Zionist influence groups operating in the country, including:

  1. Chairman and president of Joint Israel Appeal, the biggest charity organization in the UK focusing on poverty in to Israel
  2. Board member of the Jewish Community Centre for London
  3. Former president of the Zionist Norwood charity organization
  4. Board member of the Jewish Leadership Council
  5. Board member of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM), an organization propagating Israeli propaganda in the UK5

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Trevor Chinn (far left) with former Israeli ambassador to UK Mark Regev, Jacob Rothschild, former British prime minister Tony Blair and Israeli president Isaac Herzog (from left to right) in 2018 when Trevor hosted these prominent figures.
Trevor Chinn with Israeli president Isaac Herzog






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  1. Of the big donors to New Labour, ALL were JEWish property developers: Michael Levy, Alexander Bernstein, Robert Gavron, David Garrard and Chinn.

    Of the founders of Momentum, the Communist entryists who backed the part-Jewish Jeremy Corbyn, 3 of the 4 are JEWish: Jon Lansman, James Schneider and Adam Klug.

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