Viktor Vekselberg

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Viktor Vekselberg is a Jewish Russian-Cypriot billionaire born in Ukraine. Vekselberg owns the Renova Group, a Russian conglomerate focused on aluminum, oil, energy etc. He is ranked as the 262nd richest person in the world.

Controversial Investments in Israeli Firms & Politicians

Vekselberg has made several questionable investments in Israel, focusing on tech startups, client debt and working for senior politicians. He has invested in Israel’s technology sector through his Columbus Nova Technology Partners1. In one project, Vekselberg invested in Fifth Dimension, an Israeli cybersecurity startup connected to Israeli politician Benny Gantz. The startup, however, shut down after Vekselberg was sanctioned by the US as part of Washington’s efforts to stifle alleged Russian election meddling.2 Vekselberg has also been investing on partnerships with other Israeli politicians such as former Israeli PM Ehud Barak.3 He hired Barak as one of the board members of CIFC – a consulting firm that analyzes financial debts for institutional clients around the world.4





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