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Vincent Tchenguiz is a British Jewish property magnate born in Iran. He is a donor to the Tory (Conservative) party of the UK. The real estate mogul has a focus on investing on private big data research centers, intelligence firms and Israeli industries.

Intelligence for Zion

Among some of the most infamous data mining and intelligence firms bankrolled by Tchenguiz include:
SCL Group and its subsidiary, Cambridge Analytica:
Tchenguiz held the largest share of both companies1 , which made headlines for being involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal resulting in the personal data theft of millions of Facebook users.2

• Black Cube:
Tchenguiz has funded the creation of a notorious Israeli private intelligence firm Black Cube which spies on targets on behalf of influential individuals. The group mostly comprises of ex-Mossad or ex-Shin Bet intelligence officers. Its honorary president was Meir Dagan, a former head of Mossad.3 Tchenguiz himself has used Black Cube in order to save his skin from fraud accusations by Serious Fraud Office (SFO), one of the main British organizations investigating corruption.4

SOMV is an Israeli venture capital fund which invests on cyber technologies and start-ups mostly used for espionage. The manager of SOMV is Pinhas Burchis, the former chief of Unit 8200, an Israeli military intelligence service specialized in cyber and SIGINT espionage.5

Investments in Israel’s War Machine

Altogether, Tchenguiz has invested $400 million on Israeli industrial and medical technology projects.6
However, the Zionist property magnate has a curious emphasis on funding companies related to the Israeli war industry. For example, he has invested £ 500,000 on eVigilo, a military company producing missile alert systems7 and $1.5 million on CENS, a battery start-up which is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, a sophisticated Israeli weapon manufacturer.8

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