Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel

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Nemesis Israel Virtual Embassy in Iraq


The Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel operates under the shadow of the Israeli Foreign Ministry despite being in no way recognized by the Iraqi government. Through the use of media and social media campaigning, it seeks to emphasize relations between the Zionist regime and Iraq.

This account has strong relations with the “Israel in Iraq” account, members of the Sharaka Institute and various Israel-based advocacy agents.

The account seeks to portray the lives of Zionist Jews of Iraqi descent. It does so as part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s public diplomacy initiative targeting Iraqis. Moreover, it presents a variety of cultural and media activities to create a false image wherein Israel is recognized and admired by the Iraqi people.

The “Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel” congratulating the 2020 Israel/UAE “normalization” agreement
“Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel” admins participating in a conference held in the Israel foreign ministry. Israel’s Arabic speaking military spokesman Avichay Adraee can be seen speaking during the session.
“Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel” promoting Linda Menuhin’s documentary about Iraqis who live in Israel. Menuhin is a senior adviser to the Israeli digital diplomacy team in the Israeli Foreign Ministry with indirect links to Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency.
Instance of the “Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel” arranging a Zoom meeting with young Iraqis to show support for Israeli occupation
“Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel” instigating a state-led “campaign” to demonstrate support for the Israeli regime

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