Vladimir Gusinsky

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Vladimir Gusinsky is a Russian-Israeli media mogul who owned Russian television channels NTV, TNT, NTV Plus, the Sevodnya newspaper and the radio station Echo of Moscow. Gusinsky was considered the “Rupert Murdoch” of Russia.1

Alongside Boris Berezovsky and Anatoly Chubias, Gusinsky was responsible for the excessive privatization that ruined Russia’s economy and gave birth to the kingdom of Russian oligarchs and mafia. Due to financial corruption, he was charged by Russian authorities and ultimately lost his media empire, which was nationalized by Putin.

He is one of the founders of the Jewish Russian Congress and in 1996 was elected as its president. Gusinsky had a share in the Israeli newspaper Maariv and Hapoel Tel Aviv basketball team. He is also the main person behind the foundation of the Moscow Holocaust museum.

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