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Yoni Greenwald was born and raised in Israel but lives with his family in New York. He works in business education and teaches real estate skills to fellow Zionist Jews in the US and Israel. He is known to have worked as part of Israel’s intelligence services.
He has also been a director at the Intelligo Group, an American data analysis and business consultant company. Intelligo Group is formed out of former members of the Israeli intelligence community. Avi Dichter, former head of Shin Bet, and Pinchas Buchris, founder of the IDF’s cyber initiative, are the board members of the Intelligo Group. The company has branches in New York, Israel, and Boston.

Greenwald co-founded the Brownstone Zionist social club in 2012. This organization is specialized in organizing “young Jewish communities” over the world.

Greenwald is also a board member of the Sharaka Institute, a shadowy organization set up with the goal of normalizing relations between the Israeli occupation and certain Arab regimes.

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