Zionist Influence Ops. in the UK’s Labour Party

Labour Party


Israel and Zionists have had a long history of influence in the UK. In 1917, British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour wrote his declaration to Lord Rothschild in which he announced that Jews have a right to acquire a “national homeland” in Palestine. Even after Israel was invented, Zionists continued deepening their influence in the British political arena. For example, Robert Maxwell – a Mossad agent and father of Israel-affiliated Jeffery Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell – managed to buy several famous British political newspapers and gain influence within the UK’s Labour Party. Such infiltration continues to take place and Zionist elements continue to lobby for growing political control in the UK.

However, when Israel evacuated Gaza in 2005 and its brutal attacks on Gaza began, many among the British populace began questioning Israel and its heinous crimes against Palestine. Consequently, when the Labour Party – headed by Jeremy Corbyn – became the pro-Palestine vanguard in the UK, Israel and British pro-Israel lobbies started a crusade against the Labour Party especially against Corbyn himself. As expected, the attacks took place using old-fashioned accusations of “anti-Semitism”.

Zionist influence operations against the Labour Party can be described under various labels, some of which include:

A. Creating a general wave of Anti-Semitism allegations against the Labour Party

B.Israeli embassy operations against Labour

C. Israeli Intelligence embedded in Labour

D. Pressure from Zionist lobbies formed inside Labour

E. Pressure from Zionist lobbies from outside Labour

A brief description of each field follows below:

A. A general wave of Anti-Semitism allegations against Labour

Since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the party, Labour has been bombarded with accusations of anti-Semitism. The accusation of Anti-Semitism has been used as a terrorizing marker by Zionists in order to suppress any voice calling out Israel for its brutal and murderous crimes against Palestinian civilians. This approach works amazingly well especially in the US and Europe.

In the UK, Corbyn and many other Labour members faced trails that amounted to an inquisition. Being mass labeled as anti-Semites, several Labour members were expelled from the party.

In 2016, Labour officially assigned Shami Chakrabarti to investigate anti-Semitism allegations in the party. Her official report concluded that there is no endemic anti-Semitism in the party.

Labour members like Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone went through inquisition trials and were suspended from the party because they asserted fact-based opinions about Israel and its history. As an example,  Naz Shah wrote in her Facebook page that the solution for the Palestine-Israel conflict is to relocate Israel to a state which supports the formation of a Zionist state (not on someone else’s land). She also compared Israeli policies towards Palestinians to Hitler’s policies towards Jews. Naz Shah was suspended for stating her opinions about Israel and was forced to apologize after going through 15th century-like trials.1

Ken Livingstone, a former Labour member and Mayor of London is another victim of such purges. He also compared Israel to Germany under the NSDAP and labeled Hitler a Zionist. He was suspended but never pleaded for clemency and officially resigned from the party. He supported Naz Shah’s comments on Israel and never gave up on his beliefs.  Livingstone said there was a “well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticizes Israeli policy as antisemitic”.2 Such inquisitions of UK Labour party members are not rare and Labour member being asked about Palestine or the Middle East are forced to think twice before commenting on such matters if he/she wants to preserve their role in party or even their jobs.

B. Israeli embassy operations against Labour

The Israeli embassy in the UK has an evident influence in the party. Imagine an illustrative scenario where the Russian embassy in the US controls the Republican Party and Putin orders people such as Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell to purge anti-Russia members out of the party. How will mainstream media react to such infiltration? Most mainstream US media literally wanted to impeach Trump for such allegations. However, Israel and Zionist influence agents are spectacularly given free reign when conducting similar operations in countries such as the UK & the US.

Throughout these years, the Israeli embassy in the UK has enforced much influence within Labour.

Shai Masot was one of these agents who was affiliated with the Israeli embassy and played an important role in spreading anti-Semitism accusations against Labour members. According to “The Lobby”, an undercover Al Jazeera investigation, Masot hired young talented individuals who were affiliated to the Labour Party and even the Conservative Party and used them as proxies to attack anti-Israel narratives within the parties. In one case, Masot was assigned to take down Alan Duncan, a pro-Palestine Conservative member.3

Another instance of Masot’s smear campaigns was against black Jewish Voice for Peace and a former Labour member Jackie Walker. Walker was fired from the party due to allegations of anti-Semitism after she referred to the historical fact that Jews have played an important role in the African slave trade. She also called for a more inclusive approach towards holocaust memorial, stating that “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Memorial Day was open to all peoples who’ve experienced holocaust?”

Walker was targeted by Ella Rose, one of the Zionist agitators who cooperated with Shai Masot and the Israeli embassy. Rose even claimed that she can “easily take down” Walker using martial arts techniques which she learned during IDF military trainings for non-Israeli Jews.

Very little has been done to address the issue of overt Israeli-orchestrated intimidation in the UK political arena.

Corbyn, in an official letter to then British PM Theresa May said that this infiltration is an “improper interference in this country’s democratic process”. It is worth noting, however, that Masot resigned from his position in the Israeli mission. Israeli ambassador Mark Regev publicly apologized after the Israeli influence operations were uncovered.

Such operations appear to be the tip of the iceberg of what we believe is perpetrated by the official Israeli mission in the UK. The media usually avoids reporting such cases.

C. Israeli Intelligence embedded in Labour

Imagine that the Republican Party hires a former SVR4 agent or the Democratic Party hires a former Chinese military officer as a media and public relations specialist to improve the party’s media strategy. This is the bizarre case in the Labour Party in which Labour hired a former Israeli intelligence officer as a media strategist and counselor of the party. Assaf Kaplan is an Israeli citizen who worked for the infamous Israeli SIGINT5 service called Unit 8200 which is a subordinate of Israeli military intelligence (also known as Aman). The Labour Party has literally allowed an Israeli intelligence officer to enter the deepest layers of the party and play an important role in shaping the party’s media policies.

D. Pressure from Zionist lobbies inside Labour

Labour is a perfect case study for studying how Zionist interest groups exert pressure on the democratic systems of nation-states. Aside from influencing a party from outside its structure, another method used by Zionists to control Labour is by planting Zionist lobby groups within the party’s structure. There are two main Zionist lobbies affiliated with the party: Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement. Both of these groups – comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish Labour members and young British Socialists – are funded by big Jewish pro-Israel tycoons residing in the UK. These lobbies promote Zionist ideals within the party and exert heavy pressure on Israel critics in the party. LFI and JLM headed the main pro-Israel narratives inside Labour since Jeremy Corbyn started leading the party as a pro-Palestine politician. The Jewish Labor Movement was basically a sleeping organization which was activated after pro-Palestine sentiment gained hold within the party. In short, JLM seeks to ease pressure on Israel and take down leftist anti-Israel politicians and activists.

E. Pressure from Zionist lobbies outside Labour

Israel influences the Labour Party not only through its embassy, agents, media and anti-Semitism accusations but also money which is the most influential factor. There are several Jewish Zionist billionaires in the UK who fund political parties and politicians such as the Labour Party and its current leader Keir Starmer. The famous Jewish Zionist magnate Sir Trevor Chinn is one of Keir Starmer’s main donors who succeeded Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the party.6 Another example is Michael Foster a Jewish Zionist talent agent who donated £400000 to the party but stopped donating to the party after Corbyn didn’t mention Israel in a LFI event. Foster consequently tried to oust Corbyn.7 Since Corbyn started supporting Palestinian rights, almost every Jewish Zionist donor stopped donating to the party8, effectively killing Corbyn’s chances of contesting for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Many other Jewish Zionist influential individuals fund Zionist lobbies within the Labour Party. Rich businessmen like Pujo Zabludowicz, Gerald Ronson, Trevor Chinn and … fund lobby groups like LFI and JLM in order to keep Zionist narratives within the party alive and dominant.

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