Gary Mond

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Gary Mond is a British Zionist agitator. He is a Jewish conservative politician, becoming a conservative parliamentary candidate twice. From 1996 until 2002, he also served as a counselor in the Kensington and Chelsea Borough in London.
Mond graduated in economics from Cambridge University.

The Coordinator

Among Zionist lobbyists in the UK, Mond is distinct in that he has operated among a large variety of UK Zionist groups, acting at times as a coordinator between right-wing and centrist Zionist lobbies.
Mond is currently the founder and chairman of the National Jewish Assembly (NJA). The UK-based group focuses on the constant intimidation of any group or individual that expresses anything that goes against Israeli national interests.
Other than the NJA, Mond’s other past and present positions include:

  • Advisory board member of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) since 2007. (Important note: CFI is the main lobby group within the UK’s Conservative Party).
  • Honorary treasurer of the Jewish National Fund UK and chairman of its charity accounts subsidiary.1 JNF is another international Zionist lobby focused on accumulating funds for Israeli and Zionist projects worldwide.
  • Senior vice-president of the Board of Deputies of the British Jews

Mond has also sought to directly influence British politics, bankrolling British politicians such as former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss.2

Gary Mond with former UK PM Liz Truss

Capitalizing on Anti-Islam Hysteria

Mond is part of cabal of Zionist Jews who have sought to use anti-Islam hysteria to promote Israeli and Zionist interests and, specifically portray Israel as a stalwart opponent to the “Islamic threat”. Mond has notably supported Pamela Geller, a US-based Zionist anti-Islam agitator.
Mond has claimed that “civilization is at war with Islam”. Doing more harm than good to the Zionist cause, Mond was forced to resign from his position in the Board of the British Jews, a centrist Zionist organization.3

Mond’s Facebook post regarding Islam4

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