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Hayvi Bouzo is a Syrian-American columnist, and television anchor of Kurdish descent effectively acting as a poster-girl for Zionist causes. She is a co-founder of Yalla Productions and host of the ‘Yalla’ show. She used to be an anchor and Washington bureau chief of Orient TV. Her writing and commentary have been featured in pro-Israel newspapers and outlets such as The Jerusalem Post.
Ever-since immigrating to the United States from Syria, Bouzo has gradually resorted to whitewashing the Zionist ethnostate. Before the 2020 Abraham Accords, she met several Israeli and Zionist politicians and influencers, took part in an AIPAC conference and ultimately visited occupied Palestine for the first time in 2021.

Lending Airtime to Israeli Officials

The first notable record of Bouzo openly endorsing the Zionist regime is her conversation with Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Orient TV, in March 2018.

AIPAC Conference

Hungry for further recognition among mainstream Zionist politicians and media platforms, Bouzo increased her cooperation with Zionist lobbies based in the US, lending support to them in propagating Zionist policies towards occupied Palestine. She ultimately attended the annual AIPAC conference in 2020. AIPAC is the largest Zionist lobby operating in the USA.1

Bouzo’s Speech during the annual AIPAC conference in 2020

First Israel Visit

Bouzo faced a strong negative reaction after heading to the 2021 Miss Universe event held in Israel. Many had boycotted the event due to it being hosted by the apartheid regime.
Facing negative backlash – more fiercely from the Arab world – Bouzo justified her actions on Twitter saying: “I am now on my first visit to Israel, and I am covering the activities of the Miss Universe contest, which is taking place now in Eilat and in which beauty queens from more than 81 countries participate, including for the first time, Bahrain and Morocco. She added in a second tweet: “We enjoyed our conversations with the people in the city of Eilat about peace, and about the beautiful future between Israel and its Arab neighbors.”

Second Israel Visit

Bouzo made another trip to the occupied territories in December 2021, during which she also met with the occupation army’s spokesman, Avichay Adraee.
The former Orient TV anchor described the meeting with Adraee as “fantastic,” adding that she heard his “impressions about developments in Israel (the occupation entity) and the Middle East region.” In turn, the spokesman of the occupation army, responded to “Bozou”, by saying: “A more than wonderful meeting brought me together with respected journalist Hayvi Bouzo in Tel Aviv. We talked about the common challenges in our region between advocates of peace and stability and advocates of violence and terrorism led by Iran,” telling her that “You have enlightened Israel with your visit.” 2

Hayvi Bouzo posing next to Adraee during a visit in 2021

Adraee is known to manipulate regional and sectarian divisions coupled with Israeli misinformation and disinformation among Arabic-speaking audiences.

Social Media

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