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Joseph Braude is an American Jewish influence agent born in Iraq. He is bankrolled by AIPAC-related funders with the task of promoting the recognition of the Zionist ethnostate among Arab states. He is usually well-known among US-based normalization activists.

He claims to be able to speak fluently in Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

Joseph Braude in a Zoom conference on normalization with former Israeli Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz in 2020

WINEP Influence Agent

Braude is the head of the Centre for Peace Communication (CPC), an organization focused on promoting the “Arab normalization” of Zionist ideals and its occupation. The “Salem Initiative” of the CPC is responsible for supporting and protecting individuals who promote normalization with Israel in Middle Eastern countries.

The organization is funded by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). WINEP is a Zionist think tank funded by AIPAC, one of the largest US-based Zionist lobbies.

Braude also has a leading role in the so-called “Arab Council of Regional Integration”. This council has held events with senior politicians in the UK, US and France in order to convince decision makers to allocate resources to the cause of “legitimizing” the Zionist regime in the Middle East. The council’s funding can be traced back to WINEP.

“Outside-In Approach”

Braude’s activities are completely in line with his book “Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli Partnership” – published by WINEP in 2019. In it, he promotes the “outside-in approach” to countering Palestine, claiming that Palestinians will capitulate to Israel’s ambitions only when other Arab nations normalize relations with Tel Aviv and abandon the Palestinian cause.1

The American Zionists in the Middle East

It is worth noting that while the Tel Aviv government has pushed forward with its own soft diplomacy initiative to undermine the Palestinian cause and win recognition among despotic Arab regimes (in line with the “outside-in approach”), Braude’s (and by extension, WINEP’s) influence operations in the Middle East are unique as they are conducted not by Israel but by elements acting on behalf of US-based Zionist lobbies.

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